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Transylvania Investigations Service® was founded in Romania in 2006. It is a registered trademark of Count Business LLC.
Transylvania Investigations Service® is one of the Eastern European leading providers of private investigation services in various fields of expertise including the corporate, legal, insurance, industrial and domestic sectors. Through solid commitment to excellent service quality and relentless dedication to our clients, we have extended our activities from a local private investigation service provider to a global operator.
At Transylvania Investigations Service®, we take pride in providing customized investigative services by high caliber professionals who use the leading edge technologies to determine timely, accurate and cost-effective results. We conduct our investigations in highest ethical and professional manner in compliance with our clients’ requirements and regulatory authorities.
We are members of International Intelligence Network (INTELLENET) and Council of International Investigations (CII). Based in Romania, we are registered and licensed by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police